Kate Ramos

We are thrilled to introduce our partner, Kate Ramos, chef and cookbook author @holajalapeno.

Q: What inspired you to start @holajalapeno and your cookbook, Plant Powered Mexican?

A: I was inspired to start my food blog ¡Hola! Jalapeño to share my Mexican food obsession and I wrote my first cookbook, Plant Powered Mexican, because I get so many readers asking for vegetarian family dinner recipes using Mexican flavors that are not only easy to make but super satisfying. With so many of us trying to eat a more plant-based diet I wanted to write a book that cooks could use as inspiration to support their decision to incorporate more plants in their diets.

Q: Let’s talk tea! Thinking back to your past whether near or far, what is favorite tea inspired memory or moment?

A: I was more of a coffee drinker before I met my husband, but he loves tea and so do our kids. I now find myself craving it, especially in the afternoon. I especially like herbal teas. Chamomile Mint and Organic Ginger are my favorites. (interview continued in comments section…)

Q: We absolutely admire how you celebrate your family’s Hispanic heritage. What are some of your most savored moments in celebrating Hispanic culture through your work and cooking?

A: Because I’m not Hispanic myself, it has been very important for me to support my children’s Hispanic heritage, so they feel connected to their community. For me, that is usually through food. I love learning about new Mexican dishes and then teaching them how to make them. It is so much fun discovering all the treasures of their Mexican culture and learning about it along with them.

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