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Tadin Familia​

For nearly 40 years, Tadin Herb and Tea Co. has offered delicious, affordable and reliable herbal products. We utilize modern science, industry standards, and traditional herbal wisdom to offer you everyday wellness. We are committed to sourcing and manufacturing safe, tested and potent herbal products for you and your familia. Add Flavor To Your Health™

Tadin Familia

Adding flavor to your health since 1982

Tadin Herb & Tea Co. was founded on one  simple idea – to respect and to share the time-honored wisdom of using herbs as natural remedios (remedies) to promote overall well-being. In an effort to honor and serve the rich herbal heritage within the Latino community, Tadin was founded in Southern California to serve our Hispanic comunidad by offering trusted, high quality herbal teas for this generation and the next. And, our proud founder is one of multiple generations of Familia Tadin working alongside each other, with careful commitment to crafting the best-tasting, approachably priced herbal teas to support our customers’ healthy lifestyles.

Calidad You Can Trust

We test every herbal product for botanical identity, purity, and strength. Our highly-trained team of herbal experts adhere to the strict industry standards required of members of the following herbal authorities: American Herbal Products Association, and American Botanical Council. These authorities are standard bearers for scientific, regulatory, and traditional herbal knowledge.

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