Welcome to the Dale Sabor A Tu Salud® podcast by TADIN®! Join us as we dive into our origins, share how we hand select our teas, create tea inspired recipes, y mas! PLUS, hear from a variety of guests – foodies, entrepreneurs, creatives – from our comunidad. Come hang out con nuestra familia and steep in the world of TADIN®!

Episode 24: Empowerment & Building Your Personal Brand with Ilse Monette of Connect Media Firm

On this episode we are joined by Ilse Monette, the owner and founder of Connect Media Firm, a local marketing agency in the Houston area, who teaches bilingual people and business owners how to utilize digital media as a tool and resource to spread purpose, service, and products. In this episode, we’re discussing her path into marketing, the power of being multifaceted as a way to spread an empowering message, and why it’s so important that she can connect with her Hispanic audience.

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