Alicia Beccera
*Photo courtesy of Meg Nobriga, Megn Photography

We are thrilled to introduce, Alicia Beccerra, a painter, baker and cookie connoisseur.

We are honored to highlight Alicia and how she celebrates her cultura through her one-of-a-kind artisanal galletas. We immediately swooned over her extraordinary work as she captures the true essence of each holiday & celebration of Hispanic culture with her ornate designs.

Q: What inspired you to start your artisanal cookie business AliciasDelicias?

A: I grew up baking with my mom and she always encouraged me to express my art through yummy cakes, candies, and cookies. I used to make cakes with her but switched to cookies when I had my own kids. Once I started, I quickly realized that I could combine my love for my culture and my experience with baking. This combination led to AliciasDelicias and I haven’t looked back since.

Q: Let’s talk tea! What is favorite tea inspired memory or moment?

A: I love tea. My favorite tea must be manzanilla (chamomile). My mom always made this tea when I was sick for just feeling down. It hits the happy spot in my heart. I love how you can flavor it with simple lemon or warm toasty canela.

Q: This campaign kicked off during Hispanic Heritage Month. We immediately knew we had to carry this on indefinitely. How do you carry on celebrating your Hispanic culture throughout the year?

A: I agree, we should be celebrating our cultures every day. I find so much inspiration from mine. The art, the colors, the food. I often support Latinx companies and show my kids how important it is to be proud of our roots. My cookies have continued to expand into my Mexican heritage, I love cookiefying, textiles, and pottery.

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