Lola's Cocina

We are thrilled to celebrate our honored partner, Lola Dweck of @lolascocina! Don’t forget to try her delicious Hibiscus Syrup recipe!

Q: What inspired you to start @lolascocina, your cooking classes, and @lolasmercadito?

A: Lola’s Cocina started off as a hobby website intended to preserve my cherished family recipes. Eventually it grew into a medium that promoted other business opportunities. From the onset, it served as a resource for people interested in Mexican food, culture, and cooking. It ultimately set the stage to expand into an online shop (@lolasmercadito) that specializes in gourmet goods and other personally curated products that I love, themed cooking classes, and recipe development for national brands.

Q: Let’s talk tea! Thinking back to your past whether near or far, what is favorite tea inspired memory or moment?

A: I absolutely love tea. Some of my earliest memories were sitting at my godmother’s house enjoying an icy glass of her homemade lemongrass tea. This helped me appreciate tea as a child, and this appreciation only grew when I became an adult. One of my favorite tea-inspired memories was when I lived and worked in Washington, D.C. with my best friend. After a long day of work, we would unwind with a hot cup of tea during what we called, “Tea Talk.” We’d discuss everything in super soft voices and always ended up laughing, regardless of how stressful our workday was.

Q: Hispanic Heritage Month is upon us. A special time for us all. How are you celebrating this month? Is there anything specific you do to celebrate each year?

A: I like to celebrate with a red, white, and green themed menu. I make aguas frescas, rice, or entrees that highlight the colors of the Mexican flag.

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