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We are thrilled to introduce, Gaby Melian, founder of Gaby’s Kitchen.

Q: Let’s talk about tea! What is your go-to tea of choice? Thinking back to your past, whether near or far, what is your favorite tea inspired memory?

A: My go to tea is always Chamomile or Green Tea, they are my favorite hot or cold. A lot of my friends know about my passion for tea, that as soon as I get to their house they are already boiling water for tea.

Q:What motivated you to become a professional chef and start Gaby’s Kitchen?

A: I always cooked, always loved to feed friends and family so when I learned I could go to Culinary School in NYC doing a Work Study Program I was in immediately! I fell in love with the career after, when I realized teaching cooking, especially to young children, was my true calling. I created Gaby’s Kitchen because I wanted to bring cooking classes to every school in my town and eventually the world. Gaby’s kitchen evolved into a food business and more classes for adults, but today after almost 2 decades I still have the same passion for teaching, for sharing good and have fun doing so


Q: Tell us about your most savored moment in celebrating your culture through your food, work, and role in the food world.

A: To have the honor to work with America’s Test Kitchen on my first cookbook for children called Gaby’s Latin American Kitchen, which is coming out on August 9th, 2022 is by far the best thing that has happened to me in the last year. There are 70 wonderful recipes celebrating my culture and my heritage and the love for our traditions around food, all from my kitchen with love! 💚


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