Maria Laura Reyes

Please meet Maria Laura Reyes, our Quality Assurance and Quality Control Manager

Q: What is your role at Tadin?

A: I’m a Quality Assurance and Quality Control Manager. My main role is to manage the food safety and quality program of the facility. We have been SQF certified since 2018. We test all raw materials, in process formulation and finished products in house. In addition, I’m in charge of the creation and development of new formulations as part of the Product Development Team.

Q: How many years have you worked at Tadin? What do you enjoy most about working here?

A: I tend to lose count, but I’ve been working at Tadin since 2011. October 10, 2021 will mark my 10 year anniversary. I enjoy the human portion of the job. It has felt like a big family throughout these years. What I enjoy the most is working with herbs. It has giving me a sense of safety and roundedness. Being able to create and facilitate safely produced botanical products for our consumers gives me a sense of purpose and a little bit of pride.

Q: If you had to choose only one Tadin tea, which tea would be your favorite?

A: My favorite Tadin tea is Turmeric Slim Chai from our original organic line Lifestyle Awareness. Let me just start by saying that Cardamom is my weakness in life, which means all chai combinations will make my life happy. This blend is specially formulated with a great puerh tea and tons of amazing spices. In the morning, I usually brew a strong cup (2-4 teabags) and add honey and coconut cream to make a delicious “golden milk wannabe drink”. Highly recommended!

Q: What what is favorite tea inspired memory?

A: One of the most memorable tea moments was from a recent visit to Emerald Valley. The herbal school I was attending had a great common kitchen. I remember that a big pot of cinnamon tea was brewing on the stove and the aroma showered the entire classroom. Learning about plants, while drinking and breathing them, was a very happy moment for me.

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