Juan Carlos

Please meet Juan Carlos, Tadin’s longtime Sales Representative. Day in and day out he speaks with local grocery chains and mom-and-pop stores to ensure Tadin is on the shelf for you to bring home and enjoy.

Q: Tell us about you! What is your role at Tadin?

A: My name is Juan Carlos Razo and I am part of the sales group of the Tadin company. My responsibility in this position is to serve all supermarket accounts and independent stores that correspond to my route in the best way.

Q: How many years have you worked at Tadin? What do you enjoy most about working here?

A: I’ve worked 16 years with the company. One of the things I like about this work is the independence that one has, but at the same time you see a lot of responsibility that comes with this job. In addition, this job allows me to manage my schedule in a convenient way as long as I fulfill my responsibilities.

Q: If you had to choose only one Tadin tea, which tea would be your favorite?

A: One of my favorite teas is Té Verde y Mango (Mango Green Tea.) The reason why I like this tea is because the taste and I enjoy it. I like to prepare a few cups of tea and let it rest in the refrigerator. I don’t add sugar and occasionally drink the tea over a glass of ice.

Q: Thinking back to your past, whether near or far, what is favorite tea inspired memory or moment?

A: The tea that brings me memories of my childhood is chamomile tea for 2 reasons. One, It was given to me by my grandmother when I had stomachache and that would solve it most of the time. Two, when I woke up with eye irritation my mom would clean my eyes with a cotton ball and chamomile tea.

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