Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is considered to be one of the primary supportive and protective longevity herbs in Southeast Asia where it is native. It is used to support every body system, from the skin to the respiratory to digestion to joint health and more! It is used to support healthy blood and overall liver health. It is considered a warming herb, but still contains very bitter properties which support bile production and cool excess “heat” from an overly-taxed liver (think: hangover remedy). Turmeric’s golden gifts have nourished and protected humans for thousands of years. Using turmeric regularly in tea and in cooking can be a delicious benefit for those young and old.

Primary Actions: Strengthens your body’s response to occasional inflammation; maintains and protects healthy liver function; promotes sinus and respiratory health; purifies and promotes healthy blood and circulation; promotes mental clarity and longevity; supports healthy menstrual cycles; promotes healthy skin, especially with occasional acne challenges.

  • Keywords: Strong and powerful; rich in antioxidants; warming; bitter; moving; a panacea herb; strengthens the body’s ability to respond to occasional inflammation; nourishing; the golden friendly ally.
  • Persona: Spunky and bright, a life-long friend for healthy living, leaves a staining impression, good for daily and regular consumption, long-lasting, and likes to be paired with healthy fats and spicy pepper and ginger.
  • Flavor/Aroma: Bitter, spicy, warming, aromatic, uplifting, yellow, and staining.

What is turmeric going to do for you?

  • Promote longevity when used as a tea and in meals
  • Reduce premenstrual syndrome and occasional acne
  • Provide relief from stiffness and to promote a healthy response to physical exertion
  • Offer relief from occasional acne and promote clearer skin
  • Enhance healthy liver function and optimum digestion
  • Relive conditions that can be described as red, hot, and itchy; think spring.
  • Promote Immunity
  • Enhance healthy breathing
  • Support healthy blood

Turmeric where, when, and why?

  • You feel run-down and on the verge of an immune challenge
  • You feel like your joints and bones are as old as the dinosaur
  • You smoke or party too much
  • You crave too much sugar and sweet
  • You are exposed to many environmental challenges; smoke, chemicals, cleaning products
  • You are a “skin” person; prone to skin challenges such as occasional acne and rashes
  • You often feel weighted, bloated, or tired after meals
  • You love curry
  • You like to push your physical body and often need to recover
  • You get a cut/scrape (tea washes are traditionally applied topically). The whole powder is used as a first-aid remedy to stop bleeding
  • You often feel cold, brittle or grouchy
  • You are challenged with seasonal conditions
  • You want to promote healthy liver function
  • You think, or feel like you need to “cleanse”
  • You want to slow the aging process
  • You want less brain fog
  • You want to experience less PMS and more regular menstrual cycles
  • Turmeric helps maintain “cellular intelligence” to ward off many of the common health challenges of our times.
  • Turmeric has been used for thousands of years to support the body’s response to occasional inflammation.