Peppermint (Mentha piperita) is a well-known and delicious uplifting little leaf with big power to bring you up and revitalize you. Enjoy a cup of this tea hot or cold and experience its versatility and fresh fun flavor. Peppermint is a wonderful herb to aid in digestion and help with the off-feeling of an upset stomach or with a tired and foggy mind. The revitalizing caffeine-free green energy of peppermint will serve you well through your whole day—as a morning uplifter or as an end-of-day soothing come-down. Peppermint is your herbal ally when you want to feel refreshed and restored.

Additions: Peppermint tea’s fresh green aroma is a helpful cooling nasal inhalant. While tea is steeping, inhale the steam through the nose at a safe but near-enough distance to help soothe clogged and irritated nasal passages. When the tea cools down some, sip and be well! This invigorating tea makes a cool hair rinse on a hot summer day!

Topical Care: Peppermint tea’s fresh crisp tingle can be a cooling and invigorating hair rinse and/or bath or foot bath. Steep 2-3 tea bags for 5 minutes (covering your mug so that the medicinal aromas don’t escape), allow to cool and rinse your hair. Don’t rinse out! For a foot bath or regular bath, steep 4-6 tea bags in a covered vessel for 5 minutes and add to your bath. Benefits: cooling, uplifting, stress-relieving + relaxation, great for tired feet and to invigorate the mind.

Primary Actions: Promotes sinus and respiratory health, encourages healthy digestion, offers relief when feeling bloated & gassy, promotes mental and emotional clarity.

  • Keywords: Cooling, soothing, reliable, uplifting, digestion-promoting
  • Persona: Cool, spunky, enlivening, social, faithful
  • Flavor/Aroma/Feeling: minty, cooling, herbaceous, green, fresh, uplifting, focusing, regulating.