Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) is one of the most widely consumed and adored herbal beverages in the world. The power of green tea leaves has been cherished for thousands of years to increase conversation, longevity, enlightenment, focus and joy. Tea is traditionally a social beverage enjoyed with friends. Its energizing caffeine-containing benefits can help to infuse our mind and body with clarity any time of day. Because of its caffeine content, it should only be steeped for 1-2 minutes for maximum flavor and benefits.

Additions: Green tea is delicious served hot or cold on ice in the summertime. Traditional cultures in high temperatures such as Morocco use hot tea on a hot day to help cool the body down (hot tea can induce sweating, the body’s natural air-conditioning). Green tea offers an adaptable flavor that pairs well with a variety of other herbal teas. Create your own green tea combinations by adding green tea to hibiscus, ginger, or lemongrass teas or to your favorite herbal combination.

Topical Care: Green tea bags can help soothe tired and puffy eyes. Steep your green tea for 1-2 minutes, remove tea bags, and squeeze excess water. Save the tea bags in the fridge for a quiet moment when you can lie down, apply the cooling tea bags to your eyes and take a moment for calm and clarity.

Primary Actions: Promotes mental and emotional clarity, promotes longevity, increases energy and focus, promotes healthy digestion.

  • Keywords: Energizing, stimulating, focusing, astringent
  • Persona: Full of life, dynamic, clear, wise, chatty
  • Flavor/Aroma/Feeling: Sweet and bitter, cooling, bright, green, reliable, uplifting, restorative.