Hibiscus sabdariffa (Roselle) is a beautiful flower that creates a flavor-filled and colorful cup of magic to drink.  It’s refreshingly sour-yet-sweet taste is delicious any time of day to lift your spirits.  The deep magenta color of hibiscus is known to be rich in naturally occurring vitamin C.  Delicious hot or cold, hibiscus is your go-to ally when you need a caffeine-free pick me up, or to help those young and old feel refreshed and invigorated. Kids love it with honey when they feel grouchy and hot. 

Keywords: Nourishing, refreshing, soothing, cooling, tangy
Persona:  Passionate, vibrant, colorful, rich, zesty, fun
Flavor/aroma/feeling:  Fruity, sour, sweet, juicy, vibrant, restorative, nourishing

Adults- only: Experience juicy sweetness with a splash of gin and tonic and a lime wedge if you’d like to indulge and feel inspired by the tang!

Hibiscus is a sexy sweet red flower that keeps you refreshed, healthy, passionate, and smart. Its ruby red color is your powerful “flavor color” and kids love it with honey when they feel grouchy or hot.